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The Meyer Lok-Block…


The Meyer Lok-Block is a multi-purpose block designed as a mortarless alternative to standard concrete block construction.


The three major systems for the block design are:






The Meyer Lok-Block uses no mortar between the courses other than the first course to set the level for the upper courses. 


The mold will be built and supported by Besser Company.


The mold has been tested and proven to run without machine modification.


The three main components are the line block plus the two corner blocks.  The stretcher block is the main block of the system.  It has tendons to help lock in horizontally for alignment and added stability.  As you’ll see the stretcher block is manipulated a full 180° depending on the course being laid.


The versatile Meyer Lok-Block system allows the top course to be inverted and interlock with the lower course to form a flat finished surface.


The corner blocks do not have tendons to aid in placement.  Each corner block is inverted depending on the direction a course is running.  These blocks are also made to be cut to make half blocks--one male and one female--as needed for construction purposes.  (Half block molds are also available.)

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